Colorado Vending Company Promotes Its Environmental Services

Oct. 22, 2012

Quench Beverage & Snack Co., Kersey, Colo., recently released a press release about its flexible light usage programs, vending machine timers and how it keeps energy usage low on refrigerated vending machines, as a way to promote its environmental services.  

According to the company, Quench Beverage & Snack Co. will turn off lights in the vending machine by customer request in order to save energy. Although lights attract more customers to vending machines, the owners and staff at Quench Beverage & Snack understand that a lit machine front is not vital to the temperature control, dispensing or visual functions of the machine. Quench Beverage & Snack also gives customers the option of switching from florescent to LED bulbs if they must have a lit machine.

Quench Beverage & Snack is also taking a cue from school vending machines. Some districts mandate that school vending machines are set on timers so that they do not use energy after school, on the weekends or during holidays. Schools sometimes turn off machines during lunch as well to encourage students to eat food from the cafeteria, along with the added benefit of saving energy.

Scheduling pop or soda machine refill times is particularly important to lowering energy usage. It takes a large amount of energy to cool down a refrigerated vending machine after replacing products inside. Quench Beverage & Snack maintains a meticulous schedule on restocking machines based on consumer habits and customer requests.

The company's website, also educates people about energy conservation in vending machines, school vending machines news and healthy vending machine choices on its blog.