AVT Unveils VendStore24 Self-Service Retail Stores

Sept. 10, 2012

AVT, Inc. has developed a new and improved VendStore24 system – an automated self-serve shop that allows brands and retailers to offer products in non-traditional locations - giving shoppers an exciting and gratifying experience.

VendStore24 systems are custom designed, automated self-service retail stores that accept cash or credit cards; automatically cross sell and upsell with AVT's powerful management program; print receipts, coupons and promotional material; and provide real-time sales reports. The systems are designed to compete with Zoom Systems.

"Our ability to create advanced systems that cost less than our competitor's is unprecedented in the industry, and is a key reason that our company continues to grow at such rapid rates," stated Shannon Illingworth, founder and chairman of AVT, in a prepared statement.  "Automated Retailing is the future of shopping… and VendStore24 systems are the future of Automated Retailing."