‘uFlavor’ Allows Consumers To Develop Their Own Beverages Sold In Vending Machines

July 20, 2012

uFlavor, an online platform that allows consumers to create their own cold beverage refreshments and then buy them from a uFlavor vending machine, claims users will have 100 flavors to choose from in developing beverages, according to CNBC. For the uFlavor Website, click here. For the full CNBC story, click here

Editor’s Insight: This is an interesting use of Internet technology, but it will require a huge education effort to become a viable business. VendingMarketWatch first reported on uFlavor back on 12-09-11.

The uFlavor system offers a consumer a great opportunity to be creative in making their own refreshments. This is unique. However, when it comes to meeting their refreshment needs, consumers are habit driven. A thirsty consumer will be more inclined to look for a familiar product than try to concoct their own product.

The uFlavor does have a lot of entertainment value. The concept falls more under entertainment than refreshment services. 07-20-12 By Elliot Maras