Alkaline Water Vending Machine Earns National Automatic Merchandising Association Certification

July 5, 2011

EarthTrade Water Inc. announced that its new LV-1000 alkaline water vending machine has earned the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) certification which is recognized by all 50 states as proof that a vending machine meets the health, safety and product quality standards used in food service permitting processes.

The LV-1000 is an alkaline water vending machine that offers businesses the opportunity to profit from the market for healthy “performance” waters. Bottled alkaline water sells for higher prices than regular bottled water because of the health benefits it provides. The LV-1000 sends a notification by e-mail when the filters need changing or other service is needed.

Alkaline water made by the LV-1000 has a pH of up to 9.5 and has strong oxygen reduction potential, making it an antioxidant. The ionization process used by the system breaks water molecule clusters down into smaller clusters – a process known as microclustering, which makes water easier for the body to absorb. Water produced by the LV-1000 has a slightly sweet taste that customers are sure to love!

Water dispensed by the LV-1000 is purified by reverse osmosis filtration. Minerals removed by reverse osmosis treatment are replaced by a built-in mineral injection system that provides antioxidant minerals. The LV-1000 vending machine can dispense 530 gallon per day of ambient temperature or chilled water using its patent-pending water system.

Optional features include a bottle-vending system that is built into the machine; it dispenses resin or stainless steel bottles that can have custom logos. Also available is a built-in video monitor that can play custom DVDs or can have content delivered via a wireless system that can be remotely programmed. Both can deliver on-site education and/or marketing content for additional revenue streams. Other options include an automatic bottle washer and credit card processing.

The LV-1000 can be set up so that all point-of-sale information is available online so sales figures as well as what filters need replacing can be accessed at any time. EarthTrade Water Chief Executive Rick H. Cabados said that the LV-1000 provides a brand new profit center for businesses. "The public is clamoring for functional (alkaline) water, just look at the explosion of ‘functional’ bottled waters. The LV-1000 offers business owners a chance to cash in on one of the largest public health movements ever,” he said in a prepared statement.

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