Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisee Places Machines In Boston, Mass.

June 1, 2011

A Boston, Mass. area Fresh Healthy Vending franchisee has placed healthy vending machines in Boston, a city which has banned soda on city property, according to The Boston Globe.

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Editor’s Insight: This is one of two news announcements in today’s VendingMarketWatch about the continued growth of turnkey healthy vending programs. In Boston, Mass., the demand for this type of vending program was helped by the mayor’s aggressive stance on soda in public locations.

Some of the turnkey healthy vending programs have done an excellent job of understanding the educational sectors concerns about healthy offerings and have also done a good job of targeting these accounts, sometimes at the expense of traditional vending operators.

Traditional vending operators question the legitimacy of some of the turnkey healthy vending programs. Some have gone as far as criticizing VendingMarketWatch for reporting on their placements.

Automatic Merchandiser Magazine addressed this issue in a feature article in its August 2009 issue. Click here to read the article.