Franke announces new product category, debuts first product line and new coffee machine

April 10, 2024
Franke Coffee Systems introduces the North American market to a new product category, BeyondTraditional, as well as its inaugural product line, Mytico, and espresso machine, Mytico Due, which pairs traditional Italian espresso machine design with the benefits of automated coffee-making.

Franke Coffee Systems announced it will introduce the North American market to a new product category, BeyondTraditional, as well as debut its inaugural product line, Mytico, and machine, Mytico Due, at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo 2024 in Chicago.

Marco Zancolò, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems, said in the announcement: “At Franke, we always strive to apply our expertise and know-how to the smallest detail when it comes to the development of new products and technologies. Combining heritage and innovation, our research and development team worked hard to unlock even more potential in our automatic coffee machines.”

The Mytico line bridges the gap between traditional and automated equipment. This is the result of combining Franke’s innovation in automated coffee machines with its sister company Dalla Corte’s unique sense for design and performance in traditional machines – as well as partnering with Emo Design, which brings a wealth of experience designing traditional espresso machines to the table.

The first product in this line, Mytico Due, offers the beauty and elegance of traditional Italian espresso machine design with all the benefits of automated coffee-making. The sleek, low-profile provides baristas greater opportunity for engaging with customers to offer exceptional hospitality, while the option for customizable panel colors enables brands to infuse their own personality into their machine. With four bean hoppers, each with dedicated grinders, brands are enabled to maximize the variety of coffees they can showcase to their customers. Additionally, with the ability to blend coffees between the two hoppers on each side of the machine, “half-caff” espressos and unique blends is as simple as the push of a button.

The Mytico Due is loaded with tools that empower baristas to get the most out of every beverage. Two AutoSteam Pro steam wands allow endless possibilities for custom milk profiles via independent control of heating and aeration, providing barista-quality foam consistently with each drink. Equally consistent is the espresso, due to Franke’s patented iQFlow technology, which manages flowrate in real time, resulting in perfectly timed extractions with each shot. Custom water temperatures for each coffee recipe ensure each bean is treated uniquely to taste their best and custom water-tap temperatures allow baristas to steep each tea variety exactly right.

Programmable Barista-Levers enable quick dispensing of the most popular beverages and easy access to milk profiles, while the high-resolution, intuitive touch-screen display provides easy access to the entire menu.

“We are excited to debut this new product at SCA Expo, the nation’s highest-attended Specialty Coffee tradeshow. The BeyondTraditional category, and Mytico line, exemplify how Franke’s automated solutions can produce high-quality espresso experiences that rival any other machines on the market, while still delivering the advantages of automation to our customers such as waste reduction and beverage consistency, all while reducing the burdens on labor and training that many operators are experiencing,” Corrie Byron, president of Franke Coffee Systems Americas, said in the announcement. “Additionally, these machines stand out from crowd in terms of design and aesthetics and maintain the craft of the barista and coffee-making theatre that customers relish more-so than other automated espresso solutions.”

The Mytico line was recently awarded the IF Design Award 2024 in Gold. Less than 1% of the nearly 11,000 entries were selected for this honor with judges issuing the following statement:

“The Mytico coffee machine by Franke was awarded Gold for its outstanding material authenticity and modularity. The intuitive UI was also a key factor in our decision. The iconic form of a traditional Italian coffee machine is seamlessly integrated with the technology and speed of a fully automatic machine. A clear winner.”


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