Coffee consumption hits two-decade high according to National Coffee Association report

March 18, 2022
The Spring 2022 National Coffee Data Trends (NCDT) report finds that 66% of Americans now drink coffee each day, more than any other beverage including tap water and up by nearly 14% since January 2021.

According to exclusive consumer polling released by the National Coffee Association (NCA), coffee consumption has soared to a two-decade high, as Americans form new post-COVID routines.

66% of Americans now drink coffee each day, more than any other beverage including tap water and up by nearly 14% since January 2021, the largest increase since NCA began tracking data.

The Spring 2022 National Coffee Data Trends (NCDT)) report prepared by Dig Insights on behalf of the NCA found that Americans have increased coffee consumption away from home by 8% since January 2021.

At home coffee consumption remains above pre-pandemic levels. Some 84% of coffee drinkers now have had coffee at home in the past day, compared to 80% in January 2020.

Consumption of espresso-based beverages, typically prepared away from home, have increased 30% since the start of the pandemic, signaling recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and indicating new growth.

NCA president and CEO, William "Bill" Murray, said, "Given decades of independent scientific evidence that coffee drinkers live longer than people who never drink coffee, it's fitting to see America's top beverage emerge from COVID-19 more popular than ever at home, on the go, in the office, and in coffee shops around the country."

Other key NCDT findings include:

  • Specialty coffee consumption hit a five-year high. 43% of coffee drinkers chose specialty coffee in the past day, up 20% since January 2021.
  • Cappuccinos and lattes are tied for America's most popular coffee beverage, followed closely by plain espresso and cafe mocha.
  • 41% of coffee drinkers use a drip coffee maker, followed by single-cup systems (27%), cold brewing (9%) and espresso machines (8%).


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