In Bob Tullio's new b2b Perspective video, learn how preparation separates elite sales pros from the mediocre

Feb. 10, 2022

On the road again in another unscripted video, Automatic Merchandiser and contributing editor Bob Tullio shared a new video on his b2b Perspective YouTube channel.

In his latest video, Tullio urges viewers to keep in mind that the proper execution of proven techniques is what separates elite sales professionals from mediocre performers.

“Sales professionals miss out on so much opportunity because they fail to prepare. That's what this video is all about and it suggests a resolution for 2022 that every sales pro should focus on: being more prepared than ever,” Tullio said.

“The video touches on some specific aspects of preparation and, as I point out, there is no excuse for being unprepared, especially with the resources that are out there today," he summed up.

Bob Tullio can be reached at (818) 261-1758. Check out his new website at


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