In his December b2b Perspective video, Bob Tullio reveals the most powerful selling point for 2022

Dec. 9, 2021

You can't miss when you sell this in 2022. In a new video on his b2b Perspective channel, contributing editor Bob Tullio presents a strategy that he asserts will be “the most powerful selling point for 2022.”

“Baby Boomers pretend to be motivated by it, Gen X claims that it resonates with them, but in reality, only the Millennials and Gen Z are truly driven by this one selling point that is moving up to center stage in 2022,”  Tullio hinted.

Can you guess what it is?

In this video, Tullio said operators will learn about the one selling point that is positioned right next to the big three factors that drive buyers: price, quality and level of service.

Now, a new priority has emerged, and Tullio said he is excited to share this selling strategy with convenience services operators.

Tullio is a former operator turned content specialist who advises other office coffee service and vending providers on how to build a successful business from the ground up. His services are provided through tullioB2B LLC. Content on his b2b Perspective YouTube channel is billed “elevate your business in two minutes."


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