Starbucks' Borrow A Cup program tests in Seattle, charges $1 deposit

April 9, 2021

Starbucks is testing a program called Borrow a Cup at five of its Seattle stores.

During the two-month test, customers can return reusable cups to kiosks near the coffee chain’s locations or dispose of them at home through local recycling company Ridwell.

Customers must request the reusable cup through the Starbucks app, paying a $1 refundable deposit. When done, they then scan the cup at one of the participating stores and leave it at the kiosk.

Here’s how it works: customers order a beverage in a reusable cup and pay a $1 deposit; they return the cup and receive a $1 credit and 10 Starbucks bonus tars; then Starbucks cleans returning cups and puts them back into circulation.

“Promoting reusability is an important part of Starbucks goal to reduce waste by 50% by 2030,” said Starbucks chief sustainability officer Michael Kobori.


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