Curtis Launches Combo Brewer

Oct. 29, 2020

The Curtis Combo brewer simplifies operations by enabling brewing for hot coffee, iced coffee and iced tea in one brewer. The equipment is powered by the Curtis G4 digital control system, allowing users to instantly switch between hot and cold or coffee and iced tea preparation.  

MONTEBELLO, Calif., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Curtis, part of the SEB PROFESSIONAL North America family of industry-leading coffee and tea solutions, is enhancing beverage and foodservice operations nationwide with its G4 Combo Brewer digital coffee system. Using this brewer, operators can satisfy customer demand for consistently fresh batch brew coffee – hot and cold. They can also provide perfectly chilled, flavorful iced tea, all with a single brewing system.

"The Curtis Combo Brewer skillfully combines coffee and tea brewing into one efficient unit," said Emmanuel Couppey, vice president of marketing for SEB PROFESSIONAL North America. "This versatile system triples the brewing power for any foodservice operation."

The Combo Brewer is powered by the Curtis G4 digital control system that provides precise fine-tuning with pulse brewing, pre-infusion, fast brew option and more. Available in both standard and low-profile models, a simple change of the brewing vessel and brew cone allows users to instantly switch between coffee and iced tea preparation.

Factory-set, pre-programmed iced tea recipes and coffee brewing modes deliver ideal out-of-the-box use or operators can fine-tune settings for signature beverages. For enhanced iced tea appearance and superior taste, two ultra-precision inlet valves provide superior control over brewing and dilution cycles.

"Gourmet brewing features and sophisticated digital controls have solidified the Curtis Combo Brewer's status as an industry leader," said Couppey. "The brewer's intelligent design, sophisticated G4 technology and an icon-driven control module make versatile brewing a breeze."

Curtis combines almost 80 years of passion for coffee with technology, innovation and a commitment to do the right thing for customers and the environment. Learn more about the Curtis Combo Brewers at


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