Coffee Retailers Can Take Certain Further Precautions To Prepare For Coronavirus Spread

March 6, 2020

Some coffee retailers in the U.S. have increased safety and management precautions to prepare for coronavirus COVID-19. Daily Coffee News reported on several actions coffee retailers can take, with limited expense, to prepare for the coronavirus, including being prepared for a mandate to temporarily close cafes, increased financial planning, reviewing sanitation procedures and ensuring good communication with staff.

Starbucks announced it is suspending allowing customers to bring in reusable mugs due to coronavirus COVID-19 in an effort to protect employees' health.


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Shoppers' Response To Coronavirus Spikes Sales Of Certain Food, Safety Items; Industry Officials, FMI Respond

March 5, 2020
The outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 has some U.S. customers quickly buying food and other products in an effort to prepare themselves, several news media outlets have reported...
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ICO: Coronavirus May Contribute To Decline In Out-Of-Home Coffee Consumption

March 4, 2020
Coronavirus, Covid-19, may contribute to significant decline in global coffee consumption, especially for out-of-home consumption, the International Coffee Organization stated...
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Coronavirus Spread Calls For Action From U.S. Businesses

Feb. 26, 2020
An official from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced in a telebriefing for reporters on Tuesday, Feb. 25, that businesses, among other entities, should begin...