Ethically Financed Micro-Lot Auctions From Minasul Cooperative

Oct. 23, 2018

Brazilian Cooperative Minasul founded in 1958 now has over 6,000 coffee producer members and annual revenues of over $250 million. For the last 26 years, Minasul has run an annual competition for identifying the best quality coffees produced by their members. 

Minasul is auctioning the best 600 bags directly on Bean Auction to give their best members the chance to earn a fair price for their top coffees and incentivise investment at a time when the coffee market is close to multi-year lows. Signing up to Bean Auction will allow roasters to follow the auction. 

Minasul knows their clients care about transparency, consistency and quality. These quality competitions help demonstrate that investing in quality pays better prices. This inclusive approach helps farmers get close to roasters so they and the cooperative can build solid long-term relationships with their clients. 

Unlike most speciality auctions Minasul pre-finances all the coffees. This means producers receive an advance at above market rates for auctioned coffee. After the auction, the farmers receive a second payment and the auction does not disrupt farmers cash flow. 

We are are proud of this new model of Ethically Financed Trade. 

Any roaster in Europe and the USA who wins an auction lot can pay after it’s delivered to your factory. For the roasters in Europe, Minasul Europe will assist with logistics costs and other questions. 

“We bought the winning lot from Minasul last year and it was the best coffees I’ve ever tasted from Brazil. Our London customers loved it! ” said James Eastman from Volcano Coffee Works 

“I’ve been heavily involved with organising the contest this year and everyone is very excited to present some of the best coffees we’ve seen in our history to our clients and partners around the world,” says Maria Claudia Porto - International Relations at Minasul Cooperative 

“My coffee is one of the finalists, we put a lot of work into producing this coffee and I’m crossing my fingers in anticipation of it going to auction. I hope all goes well and we can secure a good price for our effort and further establish our reputation as an excellent quality producer”, Hudson Salvador Vilela - Fazenda Colina 

“We’ve worked with Minasul for two years and helped sell the competition winning coffee last year. I’m looking forward to the auction and confident about Minasul’s ability to deliver exceptional qualities” says Tom Carew - Founder Bean Auction 

Bean Auction is an online subscription service that facilitates the management of our customer's global supply chains. We provide a range of tools to enhance the efficiency of buying, selling, communicating and shipping coffee globally. 

Key Dates: 

Deadline requesting samples 23rd October 2018 

Auction goes live 5th November 2018 

Auction concludes 9th November 2018 

Auction start prices (all prices in $USD cents/lb): 

Market price USD 120 cts/lb 

Initial payment to farmer Diff. List price (USD) 

SCAA 85-85,75 +60 $1.80/lb 

SCAA 86-86,75 +80 $2.00/lb 

SCAA 87-87,75 +110 $2.30/lb 

SCAA 88-88,75 +140 $2.60/lb 

SCAA 89-89,75 +170 $2.90/lb 

SCAA 90,00 acima +210 $3.30/lb 


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