RISE Brewing Co. Launches America’s First Canned Oat Milk Lattes

Sept. 6, 2018

(Stamford, Conn.) September 2018 -- RISE Brewing Co., the brand known for its innovative nitro cold brew, announced the launch of its organic oat milk latte line on September 1. Putting a vegan twist on the classic latte, RISE’s line of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Lattes includes two new flavors--Oat Milk and Mocha. By utilizing the latest lactose alternative milk to hit the market, consumers can expect to enjoy the same signature award-winning coffee with an added rich and creamy flavor. 

The line also includes a classic latte made with silky organic skim milk and cream, which will be available online and in stores on September 15. All are 150 calories or less, USDA Certified Organic, shelf-stable and consist of eight ingredients or fewer. 

Since its inception, RISE Brewing Co. has been committed to creating the best tasting and cleanest coffees available by focusing on innovation and creativity in the industry. The development of this latte line was no different. The founders began by experimenting with existing dairy alternatives. It quickly became apparent that oat milk was the perfect match for RISE and its customers. However, without an organic oat milk on the market, RISE seized the opportunity to take it to the next level by creating their own. 

“There are a handful of great oat milks out there, but none that we found were made with 100 percent organic ingredients. After a search without limitation, we found a small farm in Finland that we were able to source the oats from to build the base of our Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte,” Grant Gyesky, CEO and Co-Founder of RISE Brewing Co., said. 

"One of the most exciting parts of building RISE has been creating products and systems that previously did not exist. On one hand it is harder because you do not have a template to follow, but on the other hand you are not limited by your own perceptions of what is achievable. When you don't know where the ceiling is, you have the freedom to aim higher.,” Gyesky said. 


RISE Brewing Co. brews nitro cold-brew coffee kegs and shelf stable cans for grocery stores, convenience stores, offices, bars/restaurants and cafes. RISE’s award-winning Flagship Original Black coffee is organic, non-GMO, non-dairy and zero calories (think a super light, refreshing stout beer meets iced coffee with a frothy head). An infusion of nitrogen gives RISE a distinctive roar when opened and a creamy cascade. To round out its portfolio of health-conscious and innovative drinks, the company introduced a citrus line that “tastes like tea, caffeinates like coffee,” and the world’s first USDA Certified Organic non-dairy and dairy canned lattes. 

RISE’s current lineup includes:  

  • Original Black: The flagship nitro is smooth, strong and frothy and pours out looking creamy, but there is no milk, sugar or chemicals. 
  • Lemonade: The Arnold Palmer of coffee, this is bright and refreshing. 
  • Blood Orange: This tea-like flavor is creamy, tangy and refreshingly smooth. 
  • Oat Milk Latte: First of its kind, this nutty and rich latte is made with RISE’s organic oat milk. 
  • Classic Latte: This clean and silky drink is a twist on the classic latte and made with organic skim milk without being overly decadent. 
  • Mocha Latte: Also made with RISE’s organic oat milk, the mocha is chocolate-forward and velvety. 

Some loyal RISE clients include:  

  • athletes (NY Yankees, Chicago White Sox, NBA, ESPN, etc.) 
  • health nuts (Equinox, JuicePress, sweetgreen, Shadowbox, byChloe, etc.) 
  • great thinkers (Facebook, Palantir, McKinsey & Co., CAA, Apple, Lyft, AWAY, etc.) 
  • groceries (WholeFoods, FreshDirect, Safeway, Eataly, etc.) … and many more! 

Find more information about RISE Brewing Co. at www.risebrewingco.com. You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, or Twitter.