New Coffee Sector: California

March 2, 2018

Most origin coffee stems from Central or South American countries like Ethiopia, Colombia and Costa Rica. Now there's a new crop of coffee growers working to get California in the running as a quality coffee offering. Mark Gaskell, who worked in coffee-growing regions in Central America, moved to California and noticed coffee plants in gardens. In 2002 he started growing coffee on his Santa Barbara, CA farm, and founded Frinj Coffee. This new coffee industry in California now boasts 30 farms growing more than 30,000 coffee treesAccording to NPR, avocado growers are some of the most enthusiastic coffee farmers, because the fertilizer and irrigation needs of both crops are the same, but coffee produces a superior profit. Last year the 24-member coffee cooperative of Frinj Coffee harvested 250 pounds of beans, which was purchased at $60 per pound.