Behmor Integrates Amazon Smart Technology In Connected Brewer

Oct. 13, 2017

The Behmor Connected Brewer is now integrated with Amazon Alexa and Dash Replenishment, so customers can brew a cup of coffee exactly the way you like it with just your voice – and never have to worry about running out of beans again.

The Behmor Connected Brewer is the world’s first Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified smart brewer, offering pulse pouring, pre-infusion, brew temperature control, and more. Through the Behmor app, users can either choose a pre-set brew profile or set their own brewing parameters.

But the Connected Brewer doesn’t just offer exceptional quality. It’s also exceptionally easy, as Behmor lead the way in utilizing technology to place customer experience at the forefront. As Joe Behm, CEO & Founder of Behmor says, “It brings new technology that enables ease of use for consumers.”

Dash Replenishment enables connected devices to automatically reorder goods, like coffee beans, from Amazon whenever supplies are running low. And with Dash Replenishment integration, the Connected Brewer will automatically reorder beans before customers run out. Joe Behm says, “How often do we think ‘I need to order those’ but forget to do so until it’s too late? Integrating Dash Replenishment with the Connected Brewer means that will never happen again.”

As for the Alexa Skill, this will allow Behmor users to voice-control their Behmor Connected Brewer. As long as they have an Alexa device and the have enabled the Skill, all they need to do is say “Alexa, ask Behmor to start brewing my coffee” for the Brewer to make up to 8 cups of café-quality brew.

What’s more, through the new Behmor app, users can either brew coffee to one of several pre-set profiles or save their own brewing parameters as a profile. With just a few minutes of initial customization, consumers can create their perfect brew time and time again.