DawsCo Coffee Service Ltd. Highlights Sustainability, Coffee Attrition Of the Bodecker Single-Cup Brewer

May 11, 2015

The DawsCo Coffee Service Ltd., a Calgary's family-owned and operated office coffee service provider recently announced a new addition to its line of products. The company refers to the brewer as the first truly recyclable single-serve coffee brewer option by Canadian company Bodecker.

In the press release DawsCo highlights several selling features of the system to perspective locations:

Exclusively for use in the office, the Bodecker system competes with other single serve brewers but offers several significant advantages including a local recycling program. This makes the Bodecker program unique in terms of waste management. Bodecker also addresses the issue of product attrition head on. Without the availability of a home brewing option, Bodecker coffee portions called "Bob-Cups" will never go missing from the office kitchen leading to additional savings of up to 35% on office coffee budgets.

DawsCo Coffee Service Ltd. brings Calgary the next step in the evolution of single serve coffee brewers. It's fully recyclable pods, faster brewing time, much hotter brewing temperatures and its reliable performance, makes the Bodecker system the best choice available for all your office coffee-brewing needs.

Editor’s note: This is an interesting way to highlight a single-cup brewer, a way to differentiate a brand and try to win business.