Cafection Enterprises Launches Management Tool Pro At Upcoming OneShow In Las Vegas

April 10, 2015

Quebec City (PRWEB) April 10, 2015--Cafection Enterprises has developed a new software protocol that takes the guessing of whether or not your coffee machine is operating at 100%. With the new Management Tool PRO licence, office coffee suppliers (OCS) will be able to monitor their machines from a distance. The machines now will be reporting back should they need any preventive maintenance and now any supplies to insure that the office pantry is fully stocked. This new pay-by-unit license opens up a new service. A preventive approach to vending. “This opens up many new opportunities” said Mike Cochrane of Cafection. “Our clients can greatly reduce their downtime and operational expenses related to verifying”.

For instance the new software now has added features like, energy saving, that will reduce energy costs by 25% or more. The ability to have someone at the account order everything that in that pantry account direct from the machine to the OCS operator. Having the unit send an email for scheduled preventive or if anything is wrong direct to the operator as well. Cloud back up for multi-unit install and much more. “It’s like having a virtual attendant watch over your assets”, said Frank Baron of Cafection.

This new connection is an important step in future development. The ability to create an exclusive network through an independent cell-connection insures complete security and removes the onus on back-boning on someones wifi. Cafection has designed this new connectivity through an association with Bell Canada and AT&T in the US.

Now more than ever an office coffee machine is in direct connection with the operator. The advantage is always fresh and always on. No more Out Of Service signs.

The company: Cafection Enterprises is North Americas largest bean to cup, single cup coffee manufacturer. Serving the USA and Canada, Cafection sells its machines to the best office coffee operators in North America. It is also an important OEM manufacturer for some of the largest companies in their respective industries. All based on one excellent beverage at a time. A quality coffee or hot beverage over 2 billion times per year. Found in over 80% of the Fortune 500.


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