Boyd Coffee Co. Partners With Unishippers To Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies

Feb. 9, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As Boyd's Coffee continues to expand its national customer base, the company has strategically partnered with Unishippers to leverage greater logistics expertise on inbound and outbound shipments of coffee and beverage products.

“Partnering with Unishippers brings our world-class beverage solutions to our customers in a more efficient, cost effective, and timely manner,” said Tim Larson, COO of Boyd Coffee Company. “The company has been relentlessly focused on continuous improvement and this new partnership provides an even greater degree of logistical expertise than we had before. We can better serve our customers now and in the years to come.”

“We are committed to Boyd’s Coffee to make sure their strategic goals are met and we fulfill an integral part of getting coffee and beverages to their customers on time, accurately, and cost effectively,” said Mike Bruni, Vice-President of Unishippers. “We will be working closely with the Boyd’s team to take the bar up another notch in getting their world-class products to their customers and doing it better than anyone else.”

With a local office in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Unishippers will domicile a logistics expert on-site with Boyd’s.

About Boyd’s Coffee: Boyd’s Coffee is one of the oldest family-owned coffee companies in the world. Founded in 1900 in Portland, Oregon, Boyd’s has a long, storied history of helping restaurants, hotels and convenience stores attract and keep customers by providing them with consistently excellent coffee, tea and beverage solutions. Boyd’s is relentless about continuous improvement and knowing and serving our customers better than anyone else.

At Boyd’s, we don’t believe that coffee bestows status or makes a statement about the person who drinks it. We believe that people are capable of making their own statements. We hold that coffee is fuel not fashion.

About Unishippers: Founded in 1987, Unishippers has grown to be one of the largest resellers of shipping services in the nation. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, the Unishippers concept is simple – work with major carriers including UPS®, Saia®, Estes, YRC Freight and UPS Freight® to handle the pickup, transport and delivery of customers’ shipments.


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