Newest Technology In Water Coolers—Single Cup Coffee Brewing

Dec. 5, 2014, the largest on-line distributor of water coolers, is pleased to announce the innovative new Water Cooler and Single Serve Coffee Brewer. Manufactured by Oasis, the leading maker of premium water coolers, this first-ever water cooler and coffee brewer is destined to change the face of offices and homes across the country.

“The ability to offer fresh brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other single-serve selections, along with cold filtered or spring water, in one convenient dispenser, makes this a game changer,” said owner Mark Dare. 
“Oasis is one of the top manufacturers of the highest quality water coolers and the introduction of this new product will provide a wider selection of drinks without the mess and counter space required for two or more appliances.”

While water coolers were first offered to offices, warehouses and industrial plants, they have quickly become a staple in millions of homes. Drinking fresh spring or filtered water has many health benefits and with the availability of it cold or hot, it often takes the place of soda or sugar-laden drinks on the home front. Personal, refillable bottles also save money and protect our environment from the billions of plastic water bottles disposed of each year.
Oasis has perfected this unit to include safety features like thermostat-regulated temperatures, a child-lock on the hot water side, and even an led-night light.

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