Massimo Zanetti To Produce Single-Serve Coffee At Its Virginia Facility

May 13, 2014

Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA has announced plans to begin producing its latest beverage product called “Filter Cups™”at its manufacturing facility in Wilroy Industrial Park in Suffolk, Va.

The single-serve coffee Filter Cups are the newest addition to Massimo Zanetti’s extensive coffee and beverage line and can be used in any single serve coffee brewing machine that accepts K-Cup®portion packs. “The revolutionary, new open-filter design brews a superior cup of coffee, allowing our consumers to see, smell and taste a difference,” said Brian Kubicki, vice president of marketing at MZB, in a prepared statement. “The Filter Cup brings aroma to the single serve coffee experience while its unique design insures the optimal extraction of flavor, brewing consistently great coffee cup after cup. All of these benefits from an eco-friendly design that uses less plastic than other single serve cup formats,” Kubicki added.

The $4 million investment to install the production line in Suffolk is expected to create ten new jobs. The Chock full o’Nuts®, Hills Bros.®, Kauai Coffee®and a number of private label brands will be the first to roll out with other lines possibly to follow in the future. This latest Massimo Zanetti announcement follows on the heels of its other major distribution and warehouse expansions through Suffolk in recent years.

Chuck Gosstrom, Massimo Zanetti senior vice president of supply chain, noted “Suffolk has proven to be an excellent place to operate our business. Here we are able to find the technical talent we need to fulfill our mission to produce world-class coffee. We appreciate the support of the Suffolk Economic world-class coffee. We appreciate the support of the Suffolk Economic growing demand for our product.”

“Massimo Zanetti’s latest production investment in Suffolk is a testament to our workforce and ideal business location,” said Suffolk Mayor Linda T. Johnson. “Massimo Zanetti’s growth in our community has been astounding, and we couldn’t be happier that Suffolk is where these new innovations, products and jobs are created.”