ICO, Global Coffee Report Magazine Announce Partnership

May 2, 2014

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) and Global Coffee Report (GCR) Magazine announced that they have entered into a media partnership.

The partnership will see ICO experts provide commentary, exclusive to GCR Magazine, on the latest developments affecting the coffee industry all over the globe.

The partnership will also see GCR Magazine distributed to the ICO’s 45 members around the world (including the European Union), with a total of 72 member countries.

“The ICO is one of the coffee industry’s best resources, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to help spread information to our world-wide network of subscribers,” said Christine Grimard, editor GCR Magazine, in a prepared statement. “It’s our honor to work more closely with the ICO in helping to create a more informed industry, while supporting the organization’s fantastic, and very necessary, work.”

Mauricio Galindo, head of operations at ICO said, “Today, challenged by climate change and high price volatility, it is important for all actors in coffee to engage in discussions to find solutions to the problems that are impacting our sector. Our mission at the ICO is to inform and guide the conversation and our new partnership with GCR will help us engage with the coffee community in print and online.”


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