Bkon Craft Brewer Named 2014 “Product Of The Year” At SCAA

May 1, 2014

BKON®, an innovator of broad-scope craft beverage technology, received “Product of the Year” award at this year’s 26th Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Event for its Craft Brewer, an invention that delivers one of the most significant advancements to the beverage industry since pasteurization, according to the release.

 BKON Craft Brewer, the company’s first product, uses negative pressure by way of BKON’s patented RAIN™ (Reverse Atmospheric INfusion™) process to extract soluble flavor elements with greater purity, precision and speed.

Lou Vastardis, co-founder of BKON with his brother, Dean Vastardis, said in a prepared statement, “We are thrilled to be named “Product of the Year” by Specialty Coffee Association of America for the ground-breaking innovation of our RAIN process. Being recognized by the world’s foremost association of experts in the coffee industry is an incredible honor.”

Vastardis added, “RAIN changes the rules of extraction. It will disrupt the global craft beverage category by allowing beverage artisans to effortlessly and optimally handcraft unmatched loose-leaf teas, innovate third wave coffees and made-to-order infused cocktails.”