Boyd's Coffee Launches Single-Cup Coffees In OCS

April 23, 2014

Boyd's Coffee® is launching a new generation of single-cup coffees for brewers that accept K-Cup® portion packs (K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig, Inc. Boyd's Coffee Single-Cup Coffees are not affiliated with nor approved by Keurig Green Mountain). The cups' soft mesh filter offers the same convenience as other single cups, only with significantly less packaging than the traditional rigid-side format, according to the release. The mesh filter also enables coffee drinkers to experience the fresh-roasted coffee's aroma.

"We are launching the next generation of the single-cup coffee experience because we believe everyone deserves a great cup of coffee," said Jeffrey Newman, president and CEO of Boyd Coffee Co., in a prepared statement. "We looked at other product designs in the single-cup category and knew that we could offer a vastly better coffee experience, with a design that minimizes waste."

The coffees come in a variety of roast levels and includes organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ options: French No. 6®,Red Wagon® Organic Coffee, Good Morning™, Hi-Rev® (delivers more caffeine) and Lost Lake™ Decaf Organic Coffee.

A 20-count carton with individually wrapped cups will be available for office coffee and other foodservice businesses.

"While most of our business partners will continue to brew Boyd's Coffee the traditional way, adding a single-cup option gives them greater flexibility and profitability. For example, a restaurant owner might brew a single cup of decaf during a slower daypart for the freshest cup of coffee with the least amount of waste," Newman said.


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