D.E Master Blenders Statutory Buy-Out To Be Concluded By April 24, 2014

April 11, 2014

D.E Master Blenders 1753 B.V. (DEMB) announces that the statutory buy-out proceedings, initiated by Oak Leaf B.V. (Oak Leaf), will be concluded as a result of a decision of the Enterprise Chamber in Amsterdam.

Shareholders that together hold approximately 4.73 percent of the issued share capital of DEMB can now transfer their DEMB shares to Oak Leaf for EUR 12.50 per share, equal to Oak Leaf’s public offer on June 19, 2013, increased with interest at a rate of 3 percent per annum, to be calculated over the period from April 8, 2014 until the day of transfer of the shares.

In accordance with Dutch law, the buy-out proceedings followed the successful public offer by Oak Leaf. With the decision of the Enterprise Chamber, the acquisition of DEMB by Oak Leaf can be fully finalized, enabling Oak Leaf to become the sole shareholder of DEMB on April 24, 2014. On April 24, 2014, all shares that have not been transferred to Oak Leaf voluntarily will automatically transfer to Oak Leaf and the former shareholders are then entitled to request payment of the buy-out price plus accrued interest from the consignment fund of the Dutch Ministry of Finance only.

Up until April 23, 2014, shareholders may voluntarily transfer their shares to Oak Leaf. The voluntary method of transfer involves certain formalities and related costs payable by the shareholder. Since the respective transfer procedures entail specific requirements and actions, DEMB has published the procedures and related information on a dedicated page on its Website www.demasterblenders1753.com.


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