Global Office Solutions Launches Office Coffee Service Division

Feb. 19, 2014

Global Office Solutions, an independent office solutions provider in Michigan, announced the launch of a Beverage, Breakroom and Office Coffee Service Division. The division will benefit businesses throughout the Detroit, Mich.-area by offering beverages, snacks, coffee service and more at discounted prices, according to the release.

According to the company, studies show that in today’s competitive business climate employers are expecting and in some cases demanding their employees do more. Those same studies show that this trend is having an adverse effect on employee morale and employee loyalty. In fact, it can even erode a company’s overall culture.

“Our new Beverage, Breakroom and Office Coffee Service Division provides solutions that demonstrate a company’s commitment to their employees and their work environment,” said Reuben Levy, president and founder of Global Office Solutions, in a prepared statement.

Most human resources departments believe that offering employees a variety of snacks in addition to hot beverages is one of the most noticeable everyday expressions of a company’s appreciation for its employees.

“We feel strongly that our new office coffee service division will give us yet one more way of providing a high value solution to support our customers’ business needs,” said Levy.