Smucker Foodservice Expands Sweetener Portfolio

Jan. 8, 2014

Smucker Foodservice announced that it now offers a variety of national brand sweeteners. From the devoted followings of Sweet’N Low® to the natural choices of Sugar In The Raw® and Stevia In The Raw® to the NatraTaste Blue® and NatraTaste Gold® choices for the great taste of sugar without the calories. With these brands available, Smucker Foodservice is the single-source supplier for nationally recognized, customer-preferred sweeteners.

Market research group IRI’s August 2013 report showed that as the most loyal of all artificial sweetener users, Sweet’N Low® zero calorie sweetener lovers stand by their preference, with 41 percent reaching for a different brand name over a generic pink packet, according to Technomic’s September 2013 foodservice report.

Appeal to the growing number of customers looking for natural options with Sugar In The Raw® and Stevia In The Raw®. When it comes to sweetening drinks, heavy beverage consumers from 18 to 24 prefer these natural sweeteners over others, found Mintel’s May 2013 sweetener study.


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