Wilbur Curtis Launches Smart IntelliFresh Coffee Brewer

Sept. 4, 2013

The Wilbur Curtis Co. has developed new IntelliFresh™ technology as part of its Gemini brewer line. Part of the company’s tradition of innovation, IntelliFresh maintains coffee’s ideal freshness and temperature throughout the dispensing cycle by enveloping the satellite with pulses of gentle heat.

IntelliFresh settings are locked in by touching the brew button, and are kept until the next brewing cycle — even if the vessel is moved to a remote serving stand. Insulated satellite servers feature a unique server connection that literally “remembers” settings both at the brewer and on its remote serving stand as well.

Integrated into the famed Gemini brewing system, IntelliFresh nearly eliminates the possibility of serving cold or ‘cooked’ coffee.

“Innovation in commercial brewing equipment isn’t about knobs and levers anymore,” said Brant Curtis, the company’s marketing manager, in a prepared statement. “IntelliFresh combines digital technology with our deep industry expertise, giving customers the ability to serve a killer cup of coffee -- every time.”

Simplifying the science behind a great cup of coffee, Curtis’s new IntelliFresh Technology is proof positive that brains, not brawn, are what will continue propelling the commercial brewing equipment business to new heights of customer satisfaction, according to the release.


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