RealCup™ Brand Announces New Single- Cup Brewer

Aug. 23, 2013

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Ltd. - the company behind the RealCup™ brand - has announced that they are releasing a new single-cup prototype: RealCup™ brewing system.

Building on the success of Martinson®, Brown Gold® and Marley Coffee®, as well as Higgins & Burke™ teas, in RealCup™ cups, the new brewer will deliver the same high quality performance to ensure the best taste available in a single-serve cup. The RealCup™ brewer incorporates the best features of the leading cup brewer and addresses the main customer complaints of current models, making it the ideal solution for Mother Parkers' customers in foodservice and office coffee service channels, according to the release. Select customers throughout North America will begin testing the RealCup™ brewer in November, with a full market launch planned for February 2014.

"This new brewer represents a major innovation in single-serve cup brewers," said Rusty James, vice president of foodservice sales for Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee, in a prepared statement. "New larger size servings and pre-infusion technology clearly deliver the best cup of single-serve coffee on the market today."

The state-of-the-art RealCup™ brewer offers maximum flexibility and performance with both a water reservoir and plumbed-in capabilities, as well as a variety of brew sizes from 4 to 16 ounces. Foodservice customers will appreciate the dependable, commercial grade brewer that is ready to use on start-up with no plastic taste. Mike Ferguson of agrees: "I can't wait for this brewer to hit the market. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of coffee from this brewer. It is clearly a step above what is on the market today. And it looks fantastic."

Mother Parkers partnered with Grindmaster®, a GMCW™ company, in manufacturing the new brewer equipment, leveraging its 100 years of experience.

Mother Parkers' continues to develop new technology and feature enhancements for the RealCup™ brewer, with those developments already in the design stage. The company is also in partnership discussions with leading brands interested in the RealCup™ brand solution and is currently developing new single-serve cup product offerings that move beyond coffee and tea, leveraging the success of its unique Flavor Max™ filter that delivers full flavor from every cup.


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Real Cup Logo 10882054
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