AVT Partners With Cupful To Launch Marley Coffee Micro Stores In Las Vegas, Nev.

May 9, 2013

AVT, Inc. announced that they have reached a deal to grant exclusive rights to the innovative Marley Coffee Micro Stores in the Las Vegas market to Cupful, Inc. The deal requires Cupful to purchase 300 Marley Coffee automated systems from AVT, which will provide AVT about $2,500,000.00 in new revenues.

Cupful CEO Tammy Starring also owns one of the top producing Quiznos stores in the nation, as well as several other ventures. "I saw the opportunity with the Marley coffee stores, and I was impressed for three reasons," she said in a prepared statement. "The Marley name is branded. The machines ease of use, size and technology. And the ability to sell advertising," she stated. "It's a great business model with unlimited potential," she added. "I was also impressed with the character and integrity of the individuals at AVT. It is important to me to be involved with people of integrity both in life and in business."

AVT management met with Starring at the recent NAMA show. "We are extremely gratified to be partnered with Tammy and Cupful, Inc.," Shannon Illingworth, founder and chairman of AVT said. "Virtually every automated retailing opportunity under the sun was on display at the NAMA show, and to have generated so much interest and closed so many deals while our competitors were literally all around us, really validated our technology, our products, and the quality of our personnel."

AVT introduced the second-generation Marley Coffee Micro Stores at the NAMA Show. The systems are the world's first touch-screen interactive automated cafes that can deliver a freshly ground and brewed cup of gourmet Marley coffee, espresso or cappuccino, in less than a minute. Some of the Micro Stores also will feature Marley accessories, cups, and both ground and whole bean coffee in a variety of blends.

"Marley Coffee is a strong brand that is gaining immense popularity," Illingworth stated. "Marley's CEO recently announced that they have expanded distribution and will be in Kroger's - the nation's largest grocery chain, so people will be able to enjoy the great Marley flavor at home and when on the road, at work, at school, or in an airport through our automated Micro Stores," he added. "We believe that the once people try Marley Coffee, they will be a dedicated customer for life – which helps build business for our automated Micro Stores."


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