Sales of UTZ Certified Coffees Rose 38 Percent In 2012

May 8, 2013

The UTZ Certified annual report from 2012 shows a strong increase of sustainably produced UTZ coffee, cocoa and tea worldwide. Sales of certified coffees rose with 38 percent to a total volume of 188,096 metric tons. Cocoa sales with the UTZ label grew even stronger; 178 percent increase in 2012 leading to a total of 118,641 metric tons. Tea sales increased 5 percent to 3,074 metric tons. Responsibly produced products are available for consumers around the world; UTZ labeled products reached as many as 104 countries last year. Of the total worldwide coffee production, already 8 percent is certified by UTZ. Although the cocoa program is much younger, it already exceeds the coffee figures: 13 percent of the worldwide cocoa production meets the strict requirements of the UTZ label.

Scaling up volumes, increasing industry commitment and a large, solid network of farmers are important drivers for the 2012 numbers. In the past 10 years, UTZ Certified has become one of the largest programs and labels for sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea worldwide. By working together with brands that source sustainable raw materials on a large scale like Mars, Ahold, IKEA, D.E Master Blenders 1753, Migros, Tchibo and Nestlé, UTZ Certified can make a difference for many farmers at a fast pace: already half a million farmers have joined the UTZ Certified program.

To be able to meet the growing demand for sustainably produced coffee, cocoa and tea, sufficient supply needs to be available. Farmers are therefore trained how to increase production volumes, improve crop quality and take better care of people and the environment through implementing good agricultural practices. The success of the program shows in the increase of production figures of UTZ certified commodities.

Besides increasing sales and production volumes and the number of UTZ farmers joining the program, UTZ is committed to strengthening its presence in the number of origin countries as well. The more origin countries offering UTZ certified coffee, cocoa or tea, the easier it is for companies to fully source sustainably. Last year, the first coffee farmers in Rwanda and Congo were certified by UTZ. Since 2012, UTZ certified tea is being sourced from India, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Kenya, as well as cocoa from Indonesia, Uganda and Cameroon. Today, farmers from 32 production countries supply coffee, cocoa or tea produced according to the UTZ Code of Conduct.

UTZ monitors the growth, progress and effects of the program in a transparent way through independent studies conducted by third parties. These studies help to determine to which extent both environmental conditions as well as the standard of living of farmers have improved. The annual report shows the results of the two most recently conducted studies. A COSA-study demonstrates a more efficient use of fertilizers and pesticides leading to a significant decrease of costs for UTZ certified farmers in the Vietnamese province of Daklak. Another study among coffee farmers in Colombia conducted by CRECE shows a considerable higher productivity and income for UTZ certified farmers.