Michael Gaviña Receives First NCA Volunteer Award

April 4, 2013

Michael Gaviña of F. Gaviña & Sons has become the first recipient of the National Coffee Association (NCA) Volunteer of the Year Award. Selected by unanimous NCA Board committee vote, Gaviña received the award at the opening session of the NCA’s 102nd Annual Convention in San Francisco, Calif.

Called up to the stage by NCA President and CEO Robert F. Nelson, Gaviña received the decoratively mounted certificate from NCA Chair John E. Boyle. Gaviña had no prior knowledge of the award, and was surprised by the recognition, according to the release.

According to the NCA, the Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded to one individual who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in volunteer service to the association. The individual must provide an energetic and positive example to members and volunteers in pursuit of NCA’s mission. The Award aims to recognize leading strides in volunteerism on behalf of NCA and the U.S. coffee industry.

Nominated by the NCA Board of Directors, members or staff, candidates must meet strict criteria established by the board. Among them, nominees must have exhibited exemplary leadership in NCA volunteer activities and serve as a positive example to others. Letters of nomination must detail the candidate’s contributions, and all nominations are reviewed by the External & Member Relations Committee of the Board. A majority of Committee members must vote in favor of the candidate.


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