Third Party National Taste Test Shows Gevalia House Blend Earns More Consumer Taste Preferences Over Starbucks House Blend

March 27, 2013

Based on the results of a national taste test conducted by an independent third party shows that nearly 60 percent (59.7 percent) of coffee drinkers preferred the taste of Gevalia House Blend over the taste of Starbucks House Blend. Only 34 percent of participants preferred the taste of Starbucks House Blend while 6.3 percent showed no taste preference.

The taste test was conducted in 30 national markets among approximately 300 randomly selected male and female adult coffee drinkers, 18 years of age or older. Qualified participants drank at least one cup of caffeinated coffee that had been prepared at home in the past seven days. Products were presented to participants unbranded and the order of trial was rotated to minimize position bias.
"Consumer research has shown that coffee drinkers point to taste as a key consideration when purchasing premium coffee," said Greg Guidotti, senior director of premium coffee and e-commerce, in a prepared statement. "We are confident we have a better tasting House Blend coffee than the top-selling brand, which this independent taste test has now confirmed."

The brand is promoting the taste test results with an integrated marketing campaign which invites coffee drinkers to experience the luxurious and rich, yet incredibly smooth taste of Gevalia for themselves. Campaign elements include television, print and online advertising as well as sponsored house parties which give consumers an opportunity to try Gevalia House Blend in their own home among friends and family.

The results of the taste test made Gevalia want to understand more about coffee drinkers' loyalty to taste when choosing a brew, according to the company. A national telephone survey showed exactly how serious coffee lovers are when it comes to a coffee they prefer.

  • Look Good or Taste Good?: Nearly two-thirds of coffee drinkers would recommend their favorite coffee brand to family and friends (64 percent), while only 29 percent would recommend their favorite hair stylist.
  • Brand Loyalty: Forty percent of coffee drinkers have driven to another store in search of their favorite brand.
  • Worse Than Work?: Few things are worse than getting stuck late at work, but nearly four out of 10 coffee drinkers (39 percent) would rather stay late at the office than hand over their cup of coffee.

The telephone survey of 510 adult coffee drinkers was fielded March 12-15, 2013 by Braun Research and has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%. Coffee drinkers are defined as those who report drinking four or more cups of coffee per week.