Coffee Roasters Use Cupping To Educate Consumers

Aug. 17, 2012

Specialty coffee roasters are using cupping techniques, something they traditionally did when assessing the characteristics of roasts, with consumers, according to National Public Radio. For the full story, click here.    

Editor’s Insight: Refreshment service operators have an opportunity to work with roasters to develop coffee education programs for customers who might be interested in learning more about coffee. Besides roasters, there are other information resources available to develop coffee education programs for customers.

Operators should not dismiss this idea out of hand simply because it isn’t going to provide an immediate, hefty financial return. Coffee service operators should realize that consumers are more interested in coffee than ever, and many find it fun to learn about the different types of coffees and the different preparation methods.

Offering education like this also strengthens an operator’s reputation as a professional. 08-17-12 By Elliot Maras