Jammin Java Corp. Expands Distribution Agreement With Marley Coffee, LLC

Aug. 9, 2011

Jammin Java Corp. has expanded its distribution license agreement with Marley Coffee, LLC. The total consideration for the amended license is $126,000.00 of assumed debt. The new license, which amends the original license signed in May 2010, will give Jammin Java the exclusive right to distribute Marley Coffee in North America and the Caribbean and also allows  Jammin Java to distribute Marley Coffee to retail grocery stores. As a result of the new license agreement, Jammin Java will assume all of Marley Coffee's current coffee distribution, including online and brick and mortar establishments. Jammin Java will now distribute Marley Coffee throughout the Western United States (including Hawaii), and Canada, as well as through various web-based venues (such as Cooking.com, with which Jammin Java has an existing partnership).

The amended license also gives Jammin Java a non-exclusive license to manufacture or sell any ready to drink coffee drinks, tea products, chocolate products merchandising and coffee related equipment such as machines and grinders.

"We are very excited about this amended license," said Rohan Marley, chairman of Jammin Java Corp. in a prepared statement. "Jammin Java Corp. has the financial means, the executive team and the distribution backbone to really push the Marley Coffee brand forward through all market segments.

"There has been some confusion in the marketplace over the differences between the private company Marley Coffee, LLC and the public company Jammin Java Corp. Originally, we intended to develop distribution into 2 separate markets; grocery retail distribution and service/ OCS distribution and have each company focus on the separate markets.  However, this amended license will strengthen our overall distribution and alleviate any marketplace confusion."

One other move to reduce confusion in the marketplace was to allow Jammin Java Corp. to do business as Marley Coffee as part of the amended license. All future products no longer need to say Jammin Java by Marley Coffee, rather it will all run under the banner of Marley Coffee by Rohan Marley.  

"It is truly wonderful to see Rohan's vision come to life," commented Cedella Marley, director of 56 Hope Road Merchandising. "We are excited about Marley Coffee's expanded license with Jammin."