On August 17, five things will happen in New Orleans

July 20, 2021

An article in last week’s Wall Street Journal, titled “The Pay Is High and Jobs Are Plentiful, but Few Want to Go into Sales,” dealt with the discomfort that many people feel about a career in sales.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately because in less than 30 days from now I will be presenting a preconference program at The NAMA Show in New Orleans. Selling Convenience Services: A Playbook for Sales Professionals will be presented on Tuesday, Aug. 17, at 9 a.m.

My personal guarantee about those five things

Whether you are an operator who sells, a sales rep or a sales manager, no matter, if you attend my preconference program, I can promise these five things will happen.

  1. You will learn that when you are feeling uncomfortable about sales, it means that you are taking a risk, which is exactly what sales professionals do as part of the job.
  2. You will understand that selling must be solution based, ethical and a true partnership between you and your client.
  3. You will understand that you cannot present solutions and help clients make the right decisions without:            
    » getting past the gatekeeper;
    » asking important questions, because they are designed to persuade people to select the choice that is best for the partnership.
  4. You will understand that deals do not close themselves. They close because of:
    » well planned follow up techniques;
    » perfectly executed closing techniques.
  5. If you are a good sales rep, you will leave that conference with the tools to be an elite sales professional.

Uncomfortable with selling?

The WSJ article confirms what every operator knows: finding quality salespeople is tough.

“The struggle to find sales hires predates the pandemic and may have more to do with the types of roles people are comfortable taking these days than it does with a shortage of workers," the article observed. "Images of glad-handing car salesmen or 'Mad Men' style account representatives are hard to shake.”

How to change the perception of what selling is all about

Training is the answer. Sessions like “Selling Convenience Services: A Playbook for Sales Professionals” is the solution, because it creates an opportunity to teach the importance of ethical, solutions-based selling.

The concept is simple: “You have a need. I have the solution. Let’s do business!

Getting to that key juncture in the process is the challenge and it is exactly why quality training pays off.

Here are some of the topics we will cover on Aug. 17

  1. 7 Key principles for sales reps
  2. The difference between a presenter and a sales professional
  3. Getting past the gatekeeper
  4. Overcoming objections to the appointment
  5. Organic business development
  6. Paid business development
  7. The MVP checklist – look around the room
  8. How to leverage the power of LinkedIn
  9. The Power of Storytelling
  10. The sales presentation itself
  11. The BIG question
  12. How the executive summary keeps it all together
  13. Point of use water – a powerful sales tool
  14. Micro markets, OCS, vending and pantry – sell the experience
  15. Invoices – good as gold
  16. Overcoming objections to the sale
  17. Specific follow up Strategies
  18. The key to successful proposals
  19. Closing techniques
  20. Leveraging the sale to land new business
  21. Real techniques that can be applied every day

What I teach is immediately applicable. No vague concepts. On Aug. 17, participants will enjoy more than 25 takeaways, along with some lively and thought-provoking discussion, all designed to move them to an elite level.

This is a critical time for our industry and for your company. As the WSJ article pointed out, selling is more about problem-solving, being a good listener and asking questions, rather than unsolicited calling, the so-called “smiling and dialing.”

Gain a competitive advantage

Operators need to be sure that whoever is selling for them is equipped with the tools to succeed in today’s convenience services landscape. Product knowledge is a great start, but proven sales techniques are the key components for success. If we believe the Wall Street Journal, the sales herd has thinned, despite a surging demand for salespeople. Operators who have well trained sales professionals on their team will enjoy an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

From all indications, our customers are developing an increased appetite for amenities. Strengthen your company’s sales skills to take advantage of the incredible prosperity that is ahead for our industry.

If you are writing a check to attend The NAMA Show – send your sales reps to this preconference session. It will be a game changer for your company’s business development efforts.


Industry consultant and contributing editor Bob Tullio (www.tullioB2B.com) is a content specialist who advises operators in the convenience services industry on how to build a successful business from the ground up and advises suppliers on how to successfully connect with operators. Tullio’s YouTube channel, b2b Perspective, is designed to “elevate your business in two minutes.” Tullio is currently developing an online course, Leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.

As he is a recognized industry expert in business development and sales, NAMA retained him to write and narrate their online course, “Selling Convenience Services,” which is now available. Use discount code B2B10 for an instant discount and for free access to upcoming Q&A webinars from Tullio in the coming months. Here is a free sample of the course.

On Tuesday, Aug. 17, at The NAMA Show in New Orleans, Tullio will be presenting a 3-hour preconference session, "Selling Convenience Services: A Playbook for Sales Professionals."


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