OCS Update: Coffea brings limitless vacuum extraction brewing to office breakrooms

July 16, 2021

Quebec City-based Coffea Group Inc., founded in 2007, said it is revolutionizing the way coffee is brewed with its invention of “limitless vacuum extraction” brewing systems. These systems create significant cost savings while offering a substantially better product, according to the company.

Editor’s note: As the pandemic winds down and vaccinations become more widespread, Automatic Merchandiser spoke to several leading commercial coffee equipment manufacturers in the OCS space to glean their predictions on a recovery and to learn how their coffee brewing technology can benefit operators and patrons. This article is the fifth in a seven-part series.

Limitless vacuum technology enables the precise control of all variables that contribute to brewing flavorful coffee. As detailed by Coffea president Alexandre Radosa, this patented brewing system extracts a “remarkable aroma, an exceptional body in the mouth and even the most subtle notes to taste into every cup of coffee.”

Coffea’s technology integrates traditional methods of siphoning coffee into a super automatic bean-to-cup brewing system. As a result, Coffea can merge the subtle precision of historical brewing traditions with today’s state-of-the-art technology.

Introduced two years ago, the company’s topline machine is the Coffea NEXT 3.0, said to be the world’s only limitless vacuum extraction coffee brewer. The NEXT Duo, a paperless version, will be unveiled in fall 2021. From bean to cup or leaf to cup, paper (or bag) or paperless (or bagless), the NEXT machines are a continuation of Coffea’s pursuit of flawless coffee aroma and taste using vacuum extraction techniques.

According to Radosa, NEXT is the first machine that can prepare regular and iced coffee (and regular and iced tea) in the same machine. Two separate brewing systems and cycles prevent cross contamination. “For the first time in OCS, operators can serve fresh coffee and green tea in the same machine without cross contamination,” the Coffea president said.

Constructed of 100% recycled U.S. stainless steel, Coffea NEXT 3.0 measures 15” W. x 20” x 36” H. (4” clearance is needed at the top) and weighs 75 lbs. A plumbed connection is required, and a water filter is suggested. It stows three 10-lb. whole containers and three 4-lb. premix soluble containers. The MDB machine supports cash or cashless payments, and it’s equipped with several USB ports.


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