The Power Of In Person

Aug. 10, 2018
Attending CTW offers an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and first-hand product and equipment exposure of a very targeted market segment.

Computers and the internet have put information at our fingertips. There’s often too much to process, which is what makes traveling to an event in person so rewarding. Operators who provide coffee service or those thinking about coffee service should take the opportunity to do just that at this year’s NAMA CoffeeTea&Water show in New Orleans, LA, happening Nov. 11 to Nov. 14. 

The three-day event has a strong focus on education, all centered around the niche of coffee and related products and service. It is a targeted and lucrative segment of the overall vending, micro market and office coffee service industry and is projected to strengthen as the job market becomes more competitive causing companies to look for ways to stand apart from competitors and decision makers for more than standard hot coffee to offer in their breakrooms. This industry is changing rapidly, and CTW is the place to be if operators want to stay at the cutting-edge. 

In-person session attendance

There are literally over a dozen sessions to choose from at this year’s CTW, with a broad range of presenters who can impart knowledge and answer questions. Learn about where coffee comes from and what impacts the green coffee market to how best to leverage technology in the OCS segment to grow profits. Being present at the sessions offers an opportunity to increase learning as well as ask specific questions of the subject matter experts.

One-on-one at the trade show

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018, a little after noon, the trade show floor opens and it provides a unique opportunity for those present. Brewers, coffee suppliers, specialty packagers, allied products and more will be on display, in a smaller space than the larger NAMA Show in Spring. This is a perfect opportunity to meet suppliers and ask them about what’s selling, how they can help with marketing and what they have seen other OCS providers add that really grew business. Benefit from these interactions.

Networking is personal

Let’s not forget the all-important art of networking. Meeting others with a desire to learn more and expand OCS has an infinite return on investment, but can really only be done properly in person. Bring business cards and a winning smile to succeed in mingling with operators from around the county. They will be there to network as well, ready to discuss their challenges and experiences, both what has worked and what has not.

This fall take advantage what you can learn and achieve by attending the CTW in New Orleans. It’s an opportunity too hot to miss. 


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