Learn To Grow At The CTW Show

Sept. 9, 2015

Chip Potter, vice president of communications and information services at NAMA, gives insight into the premier coffee services event taking place Nov. 2 to 4 in Washington, D.C.

AM: Chip, can you give readers a brief insight on what to expect at this year’s CTW?
CP: CTW remains the premier, go-to event for the coffee services industry. Folks have the opportunity to participate in meaningful education sessions that cut across all aspects of coffee, tea and water, as well as sessions to help operators improve their profitability and make better strategic decisions. There is ample networking time to meet with colleagues and make new connections, and to learn about the latest products and services. The interaction among attendees is unlike any event in our industry.

AM: What educational programs can attendees look forward to?
CP: We have sessions dedicated to improving sales success by promoting added-value services, creating product bundles and improving the way operators evaluate new business opportunities.
We have a special session around the “State of Coffee Services,” with roundtables where participants create new ideas to leverage the latest trends into action plans. We have personal and business development sessions, such as best practices in operations, using social media to promote your business and how rewards programs can be implemented for success. Lastly, we have a special session for business owners looking to transition their business to family members or other partners.

AM: How might the event’s location impact CTW activities and turnout?
CP: Our location city this year – Washington, D.C. – provides unique and exciting opportunities for our industry to network and we invite attendees to visit with their elected officials while they’re here. We also encourage attendees to check out the many independent coffee shops in the area, or to just enjoy the many attractions of being in our nation’s capital.

AM: Many readers go to CTW to view the newest trends in OCS. Is there one trend attendees can expect to see?
CP: Operators are eager to promote specialty beverages in their offerings, and to introduce alternative beverages such as water and tea to their customers. In our QCCP program, we will also review cold brewing as a way to create something exciting with customers. Cold brew is an exciting trend that is ready to expand in our industry.

AM: On Thursday, Nov. 3, Women in the Industry (WIN) will be hosting a 4k (2.5 mile) walk/run. Can you give more details on this inaugural event?
CP: The 4k is going to be great! For some of us, it will truly be a “race” but for others, it’s a good opportunity to connect with old and new colleagues, to have a refreshing exercise to kick off the day and to do something healthy for yourself. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards the NAMA Foundation to benefit the FitPick® program. Runners and walkers can register by Oct. 15 at http://www.coffeeteaandwater.org/attend/fun-run-walk.

For more information on how to register for this year’s CTW and to stay up-to-date on the event’s offerings, visit http://coffeeteaandwater.org/.