Lawsuit Proceeds Regarding Poland Spring Water Source Statements

April 1, 2019

A U.S. District judge declined to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Nestle Waters North America in which consumers claimed they overpaid for Poland Spring water because of the company's label that it is "100% Natural Spring Water," which they say is deceptive, according to Reuters.

A Nestlé Waters spokesperson responded: “Nothing in the Court’s recent decision undermines our confidence in our overall legal position. We will continue to defend our Poland Spring® Brand vigorously against this meritless lawsuit.

Poland Spring® Brand spring water is 100 percent natural spring water. In fact, an independent investigation conducted last year by the law firm DLA Piper confirmed that Poland Spring® Brand spring water sources meet all FDA regulations defining spring water. Consumers can be confident in the accuracy of the labels on every bottle of Poland Spring®, and that Poland Spring® Brand natural spring water is just what it says it is – 100 percent natural spring water. The full DLA Piper report can be accessed here.”

The case is Patane v. Nestle Waters North America Inc, U.S. District Court, District of Connecticut, No. 17-01381.


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