365 Retail Markets announces licensing deal with Moblico

March 23, 2023
This agreement avails Moblico’s feature-rich consumer engagement and product promotion platform technology to the 365 self-service platform.

365 Retail Markets (365), a global leader in unattended retail, announced a long-term licensing deal with Kansas City-based mobile technology firm, Moblico. This agreement avails Moblico’s feature-rich consumer engagement and product promotion platform technology to the 365 self-service platform.

“Our customers have been interested in these capabilities for years, and 365 is thrilled to secure this partnership,” Joe Hessling, 365 Retail Markets CEO, said in the announcement. “We believe that this addition will help increase engagement and influence purchasing behaviors of millions of account holders on 365’s platform.”

The licensing agreement aligns with 365’s focus on data and consumer engagement. Moblico’s technology provides unique and memorable user experiences through personalized marketing campaigns, social media engagement, loyalty programs, events and experiential marketing initiatives.

“Tailoring consumer experiences involves personalizing interactions with each customer to meet their specific needs, preferences, and expectations,” Krishna Vedula, 365 Retail Markets CTO, added in the announcement. “Through Moblico, 365 will not only be able to expand the rewards and promotional features we offer, but also leverage data analytics to continuously improve individualized consumer experiences and customize offers, communication and overall consumer journey.”

The agreement's benefits will be evident in the customer experience journey both immediately and continuously, as the platform undergoes future enhancements.


365 Retail Markets
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