Connect consumers to the convenience they deserve with Connected Campus by 365 Retail Markets

Feb. 17, 2023
Each of 365’s devices are not only scalable to address current needs while preparing for future growth, but they also interconnect to form an ecosystem of client, consumer and FSO convenience.

Whether you are collaborating with your client to reduce travel and wait times for short lunch breaks inside large manufacturing facilities or transitioning hospital storage rooms into micro markets conveniently adjacent to nursing stations, 365 Retail Markets has a suite of solutions customizable to your clients’ needs. Each of 365’s devices are not only scalable to address current needs while preparing for future growth, but they all also interconnect to form an ecosystem of client, consumer and FSO convenience known as the Connected Campus.

The 365 Retail Markets Connected Campus is a first-of-its-kind, fully integrated, consumer experience ecosystem that seamlessly connects a location’s 365-based micro market, office coffee service (OCS), vending and dining technology through a single cloud-based management portal. At the crux of the Connect Campus is 365’s software solutions: the Global Market Account (GMA), the mobile payment application, 365Pay and the back-end management system for operators, known as ADM. All of 365’s products are compatible with ADM, 365Pay and its GMA enhancement. That interconnection, combined with multiple market and dining devices strategically placed throughout a single location, creates the seamless end-to-end technological experience—Connected Campus.

Unlike any other unattended retail technology on the market, each application of the Connected Campus is unique to the location that it supports. Tailored specifically for your clients, it can be leveraged to:

  • Maximize unused facility space.
  • Reduce or eliminate wait times.
  • Optimize employee break times.
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Enhance access to healthier snack or dining options.
  • Connect food service operations within neighboring buildings leveraged for corporate campuses.

Additionally, both operator and consumer can create and fund accounts, view purchase history, scan and pay for products, and connect to any location’s 365 devices all with the flexibility between direct kiosk interaction or mobile app.

FSOs implementing Connected Campus in their clients facilities have connected anywhere from two to 220 365 devices seamlessly. After understanding a client’s needs, FSOs work with 365 representatives to assess facility square footage, population, shifts, purchasing patterns and more to customize the appropriate product mix to comprise a Connected Campus tailored specifically for their client. Then, they collaborate with facilities managers to launch the device and software install or upgrade.

Businesses leveraging Connected Campus have experienced a three-to-ten-minute decrease in employee wait times in cafeteria lines, and as a result, an increase in employee schedule adherence. Likewise, after leveraging the built-in promotions, gift cards and subsidy features, companies have also experienced an increase in employee satisfaction or engagement. Finally, with the addition of either the 365 PicoCooler or PicoCooler Breeze or the new MM6 Dining Kiosk, businesses and FSOs were able to offer employees healthier lunch options – lending support to corporate wellness programs and a healthier, more alert workforce.

While Connected Campus empowers FSOs to provide countless benefits to their clients and consumers, it also positions 365 to empower operators to check the status of a 365 device in real-time, perform remote reboots and a full sync right from their phones. From the 365Ops app, FSOs can also:

  • Self-provision select 365 devices.
  • View a dashboard of devices with current online/offline status.
  • View a consumer’s last credit card purchase, account purchase and cash purchase date and time.
  • View a connection graph reflecting device online/offline status history.

With Connected Campus by 365 Retail Markets, FSO’s can offer any product anywhere, and consumers can make a quick and easy purchase in the cafeteria, the breakroom, the vending machine or even from the comforts of their desk when using 365’s Order Ahead solution for dining. Connected Campus provides the most comprehensive and easy-to-use solution in the industry – thereby increasing an FSO’s competitive advantage against their industry peers.


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