Increase efficiency and decrease wait times with 365 Retail Markets’ Dining Platform

Feb. 17, 2023
365Dining provides a suite of innovative technologies that transform in-house dining with one focus in mind – the customer experience.

It’s 10:45 a.m., and you are in a productivity sweet spot. Your email inbox is cleared, your to-do list is set and you’ve already completed several of its tasks. You’re on a roll until you feel that silent rumbling reminder that you need lunch. With over an hour until break, you could propel yourself ahead of target for the day if you keep up your working momentum. However, those long lines in the cafeteria are sure to delay your return if you do not get ahead of the lunch rush. Do you halt your professional progress to dash to the cafeteria early, or expound on your efficiency and play lunch roulette later?

These are the questions your clients’ employees face daily when equipped with a dining space that has not yet been optimized with unattended dining solutions. However, 365 Retail Markets can aid you in optimizing their dining operations.

365Dining provides a suite of innovative technologies that transform in-house dining with one focus in mind – the customer experience. The platform integrates multiple elements with the goal of creating a profitable operation that delivers high on client satisfaction.

The 365Dining package includes:

365 ReadyFlex: A flexible dining point-of-sale technology with both self-service and cashier capabilities within one intuitive platform, allowing you to adjust your staffing and put resources where they are needed most.

The 365 MM6 Dining Kiosk: 365’s new dining kiosk that offers consumers a seamless self-service ordering experience. Impactful imagery, color-coded health insights and meal customization features for consumers. Custom branding, promotional headers and easy maintenance access for operators.

365 Order Management System: Seamlessly connects your front and back-of-house operations, increasing staff productivity and ensuring order accuracy for the consumer. It includes 365’s:

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS), a touchscreen monitor stationed in kitchen prep zones. The system is scalable to support multiple stations across any dining facility. All orders placed through 365Dining solutions are automatically sent to the KDS, allowing operators to prioritize orders based on cook time, accurately track fulfillment times, streamline prep and cook processes, enhance back-of-house workflows and improve kitchen efficiency.
  • Now Serving Screen, which provides patrons with real-time visibility on order status through a consumer-facing display monitor indicating when kitchen staff is preparing their order and when it is ready for pickup. This provides a more transparent customer journey and improves through-put in any dining space.

OrderAhead: 365’s online ordering system through which consumers simply place orders whenever they want from their 365Pay app or from – all through touchless transactions that keep your consumers safe while reducing lengthy wait times and maximizing their breaks. This feature is also available on 365’s new MM6 Dining Kiosk.

365Lockers: An innovative, tamper-proof, compact food locker technology that provides an easy and secure option to pick up orders at the customers preferred time. This solution is compatible with 365 Connected Campus via the 365Pay app or

The 365Pay App: 365’s mobile app that provides the convenience of a single stored-value account that works seamlessly in micro markets, vending, and dining. It allows consumers to not only easily checkout but also manage their own account, auto-fund, review rewards and more.

ADM: The back-end management system that operators know and love. For dining, ADM delivers complete operational control of your dining business for menu management, reporting, promotions, inventory and more. Use one backend software to manage operations for dining, micro markets, coffee service and vending all within one 365 connected campus experience. Spend time maximizing profitability instead of moving across multiple platforms.

The 365Dining platform increases staff productivity and delivers reliable order accuracy and an enhanced customer journey with real-time order status updates. Get the benefits of an efficient end-to-end kitchen process, reducing wait times and increasing contactless ordering and pick-up for your consumers.


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