Nayax introduces EasiFit, the VPOS Touch

April 4, 2022
EasiFit is a simple, smart solution to enable cash and cashless payments with VPOS Touch.

Nayax Ltd., a global commerce enablement and payments platform designed to help merchants scale their business, announced the introduction of EasiFit, a bill validator kit allowing the acceptance of cash and cashless payments. EasiFit will work with Nayax’s award-winning cashless payment solution VPOS Touch, used by almost 30,000 customers worldwide. With this solution, Nayax simplifies the acceptance of cash and cashless transactions from a single location on an operator’s machine.

Nayax will be demonstrating this innovative solution at the NAMA Show 2022 at Booth 1410.

EasiFit helps mitigate supply chain concerns about sourcing technical parts and manufacturing an additional device in the current environment, resulting in a continued timely and consistent production supply to meet customers’ needs. EasiFit can be used on any machine and solves the pain points for vending operators who require one knock-out on their machines or where ADA compliance requirements necessitate the bill validator and cashless device be placed in the same knock-out hole. For vending machines with limited real estate on the front for a separate bill validator and cashless device, operators can now use their existing VPOS Touch with the most popular bill validator on the market for all-in-one cash and cashless payment acceptance.  

In addition, Nayax has released a special bracket for easy surface mounting on machines with existing drill patterns from other payment devices. This reduces installation time and saves on labor costs when upgrading to Nayax’s fully EMV and 4G solution.

“Nayax is continually looking for ways to add value to our customers’ businesses and enable growth, and these new kits serve to provide operators the easiest way to work with existing cash bill validators or upgrade to our devices," said Carly Furman, CEO, Nayax LLC. "We recognized that in this environment, the best solution would be to keep it simple and easily accessible, ensuring that there are no inventory concerns or firmware needs. The beauty of this solution is that operators can use our flagship device, the VPOS Touch, coupled with a simple proprietary adaptor to allow for cash and cashless acceptance at the machine from the same knock-out hole. This means no additional device SKUs to carry, worries about device re-certification or additional device firmware to manage. All the benefits of the VPOS Touch and Nayax’s platform that operators love, like full EMV certification, multi-vend with no large pre-authorization holds, a complete loyalty and discount campaign platform and remote price change capabilities, now can easily fit over a bill validator.”


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