DMVi launches AI-enabled vending machines

April 1, 2022
Digital Media Vending International selects Vending Tracker, a Vending System Management Solution powered by CLEA from SECO Mind USA, for its innovative vending machines.

Digital Media Vending International, a leading vending machine manufacturer, has selected Vending Tracker, a Vending System Management Solution powered by CLEA from SECO Mind USA LLC, for its innovative vending machines.

Vending machines can be enhanced with augmented reality, product recognition, personalized experience, preventive maintenance, engagement arcade, sales forecast, usage analytics, replenishment plan, and more.

"When leading the market in smart vending machines, hardware is only half the story, said David Ashforth, president of DMVI. "We need to ensure we always utilize the most modern software technologies. With the emergence of AI, we are able to offer our customers a suite of machine learning features that increase efficiencies and maximize revenues for our operators." 

Ajay Malik, CEO of SECO Mind USA, added, "DMVI is doing to the vending machines, what the iPhone did to the feature phones. We have found an ambitious company that wants to revolutionize the vending machine sector, and we are very excited to be part of their journey."

Join DMVi at booth 1030 at the NAMA Show 2022, April 6-8, McCormick Place, Chicago.

SECO Mind USA LLC is a privately held company in the heart of Silicon Valley and backed by SECO SpA.


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