ViaTouch, MM Hayes enable safe, contactless transactions at Vicki stores in healthcare sites

Jan. 27, 2021

The creator of Vicki AI-powered smart stores is teaming up with cashless payment leader MM Hayes (MMH) to offer safe, contactless shopping solutions at healthcare locations.

ViaTouch Media, creator of Vicki, announced that it is integrating MMH’s Quickcharge platform to enable MMH customers at healthcare and hospital sites to use employee ID badges at its Vicki store installations for frictionless, safe payments.

“Our partnership with M.M. Hayes is a natural fit as the company is at the forefront of enabling cashless, contactless payments, said ViaTouch Media chief executive Tom Murn. “It supports the way people want to shop now, avoiding [Covid-19] exposure, and over the long term, purchasing food and beverage, electronics or health products with greater efficiency and with the added experience of Vicki’s interactive communication.”

MMH’s Quickcharge is already integrated with Vicki at New York Presbyterian hospital. As a result, physician residents can use their employee badges and monthly stipends to purchase food and beverages in contactless environment. Similarly, other hospital employees can use their payroll deduction accounts for purchases at Vicki stores.

Vicki’s cleaning methodology is also a key benefit. The kiosk’s inside surfaces and are automatically sanitized by UV-C lighting after each customer visit. Faced with the shutdown of the usual food buffet and other services, New York Presbyterian’s foodservice operator approached ViaTouch Media after witnessing Vicki’s seamless and safe POS abilities.

“Adding Vicki to our Quickcharge services represents the newly evolved means of payments – safe, frictionless and easy,” said MMH managing partner David Hayes.

Vicki’s AI platform also enables smart store interaction. Its “Alexa-style” feature answers customer’s questions and presents suggestions based on the customer’s preferences.

Go here to see Vicki in action.


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