Nayax Partners with MM Hayes to Enable 'Quickcharge' Transactions

Jan. 12, 2021

Nayax’s full integration with the MM Hayes Quickcharge payment platform allows the latter’s customers to offer their employees to use company ID cards to seamlessly make purchases at any unattended retail location equipped with Nayax’s VPOS Touch cashless device. 

January 12, 2021

Cashless payment provider Nayax announced it is now partnered with MM Hayes Company Inc. and fully integrated into the MM Hayes Quickcharge cashless payment platform.

This relationship will provide MM Hayes’s customers the added functionality of allowing employees to use their company ID cards to seamlessly make purchases at any unattended retail location that is equipped with the Nayax VPOS Touch cashless device. MM Hayes Quickcharge closed loop transactions such as payroll deduct, meal plans, gift cards, vouchers, prepaid declining balance accounts, pay-as-you-go via credit card on file, and departmental accounts can be used in tandem with open credit card and mobile app payments such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and more. 

Utilizing the new platform integration between Nayax and MM Hayes, activating employee ID credentials will be frictionless, thus enabling payment on all Nayax VPOS Touch devices wherever Quickcharge is in use.

“Our mutual goal was to offer our clients and operators an enterprise vending solution that supports Quickcharge cashless payment and traditional credit card acceptance utilizing a single 4G/LTE card reader, as well as a payment network that maintains the highest PCI security credentials,” said Brian Dunn, SVP business development, MM Hayes. 

“Now millions of MM Hayes Quickcharge account holders across the country can use their employee ID badges to make purchases at onsite vending locations just as they can at every other retail outlet across the campus,” Dunn continued. “And guests that are not enrolled in the Quickcharge program have the option to use their credit/debit cards to make purchases on those machines as well. The result is a consistent user experience that will drive participation and enhance location sales.”

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Founded in 1971, MM Hayes is a software company focused on improving life at work. Through its comprehensive point of sale, cashless payment, and mobile ordering solutions for the workforce, organizations all over the world are enjoying the benefits of improved productivity and greater employee satisfaction within the workplace.


Nayax offers a complete cashless solution including telemetry, management suite and consumer engagement tools to retailers, including unattended retail. Nayax’s features help operators improve their day-to-day operations and long-term planning, while their marketing tools assist operators in transforming unattended machines into 24/7 retail stores with consumer engagement and IoT activities. As a global company, Nayax’s goal is to provide all payment methods in each region, ensuring consumers can pay with their preferred payment method, wherever they are located. 


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