Byte Transitions From Service Business To Technology Platform

March 15, 2019

Megan Mokri, founder and CEO of Byte Technology, recently wrote about the company's shift from operations to being a technology partner on  

Byte Foods, which provides locked coolers that can be accessed with a credit card, was focused on growing its own unattended storefronts in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Now, according to Mokri, Byte Foods is becoming Byte Technology and will open its platform to retailers of any size, enabling them to use the unattended retail technology developed and utilized by Byte Foods. 


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Byte Foods Uses A Smart Refrigerator Model For Breakrooms

June 21, 2018
Byte Foods, a three year old company who places refrigerators of healthy snacks, beverages and meals in California breakrooms has an unusual model for unattended retail, according...
Byte Foods
Byte Foods Fridge

Chef’d Partners With Byte Foods To Bring Meal Kits To Hundreds of Offices

May 16, 2018
LOS ANGELES --Continuing its expansion into retail, leading meal kit company Chef’d announces its partnership with Byte Foods, the most efficient, affordable fresh food solution...