LightSpeed Automation Announces Integration With Vagabond Vending

Dec. 1, 2015

November 2015 Atlanta, GA—LightSpeed Automation announces a new integration with Vagabond Vending, the mobile-first Vending Management Solution (VMS).  The integration is in development and should be available to Vagabond and LightSpeed customers in early 2016.

LightSpeed Automation specializes in improving operator profitability by focusing on improving efficiency in the warehouse.  Both their pick to lights system and mobile iPad picking solutions will increase the number of units picked during the prekitting process, reduce employee mistakes and allow operators to reduce labor cost in the warehouse.  The system is easy to use and makes training new employees seamless to the point that many operators can use part time help as opposed to full time.

“We are very excited to bring LightSpeed to Vagabond’s customers,” stated David Marler LightSpeed’s VP of Sales and Marketing.  “Their customer base matches up well with both our Xpress and Foundation systems.  We look forward to bringing them the same efficiencies and profitability that our larger operators enjoy.”

Vagabond operates a network of vending machines that brings live data back from the field to source the Vagabond VMS its customers use to make better decisions throughout the day. Customers use the mobile and web software tools to determine what machines they need to visit, the fastest truck routing, how much of each product to bring, how much cash the driver should bring back and to analyze sales, operations and profitability. Operators who use the Vagabond platform to run their business generally triple their net profit margins because their revenues are higher, their labor costs are lower and theft is eliminated.

Hector Benavides, Vagabond’s VP of Sales says, “LightSpeed will be a great addition for Vagabond operators.  Vagabond’s platform increases our customers’ net incomes and the LightSpeed integration will help them get to the next level of profitability. We can’t wait to bring another layer of efficiencies to our customers by linking them to the best pre-kitting tool in the market.”

LightSpeed Automation is an industry leader in operational automation.  Their FastTrack and Xpress Mobile systems currently operate in several hundred locations worldwide.  Learn more at


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