Vagabond Announces Partnership With PayRange

April 28, 2015

Vagabond, the mobile-first Vending Management Solution (VMS), announced a strategic partnership with PayRange, the world’s simplest mobile payment solution for unattended retail. With the announcement, Vagabond and PayRange are integrating data and mobile payments in a manner that allows operators to simultaneously optimize sales and reduce operating expenses using the Vagabond VMS.

The PayRange solution enables a new way of handling mobile payments. Instead of connecting the machine with expensive telemetry hardware and recurring fees to accept cashless payment, PayRange leverages the user’s mobile phone as the network connection. The cost savings are passed on to the operator in both up front and on a recurring basis.

For mutual customers, PayRange passes transaction data from its servers direct to Vagabond servers allowing operators to better manage their business. The PayRange and Vagabond partnership utilizes the PayRange BluKey, a low cost Bluetooth bridge between the mobile phone and vending machine, to eliminate expensive hardware.

“PayRange is a perfect fit with Vagabond’s strategy of offering choices through partnerships. Vagabond customers are now able to use a PayRange BluKey device at any machine they want to enable cashless to for a much lower cost while reaping the benefits of Vagabond’s best of breed mobile VMS technology,” said Vagabond Founder and CEO Michael Lovett. “Our partnership with PayRange allows for more and exciting ways for operators to engage with consumers, talk to their machines and improve their businesses through technology.”

PayRange CEO and Founder, Paresh Patel, said, “We’re excited to have an innovative technology platform partner like Vagabond. Our solution decreases the upfront hardware costs, decreases the recurring connection and data fees to operators, and increases revenues through cashless payments. The Vagabond partnership rounds out the offering to operators with increased revenues through product merchandising, decreased costs through route efficiencies and increased net profitability through live machine management.”

The combined PayRange and Vagabond solution was demonstrated at the NAMA OneShow in the PayRange (#1500), Vagabond (#515), and Vistar (#1731) booths.

About Vagabond:

Vagabond Vending develops the Vagabond vending technology platform, which saves vending operators time and money by helping them run their vending operation more efficiently. Vagabond provides live views of machines, real-time inventory information and comprehensive sales & financial reports. Managing products, routes and labor with Vagabond enables the operator to maximize revenues and reduce costs.

In addition to offering its own Insight telemetry hardware and communications platform, Vagabond integrates with other industry available telemetry hardware and any web, mobile or tablet device. Customers use the mobile app and web interface to manage the day-to-day field operations, operational analysis, reporting tools, cash accounting and administration. Please call Juan Jorquera at 202.695.8228 or email [email protected].

About PayRange:

PayRange was founded in 2013 by Paresh Patel in order to provide operators and consumers with the simplest, most accessible mobile payment solution possible. Consumers can download the free mobile app from either the Apple App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android users.  The PayRange app enables consumers to make their transactions at unattended points of sale quicker and easier. And with flexible funding options including all major credit and debit cards plus Apple Pay, consumers are empowered to make mobile payments a reality. Find out more at


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